domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009


  • Verbalization: Exploring the problem has a catartic effect and at the same time it enhances a better understanding for the individual.

  • To be listenned: elicits a sense of dignity and confidence in the therapist and in oneself: "It's ok to talk about my problems because someone is going to hear me and help me. I no longer need to hide from my problems and to feel insecure about them."

  • Technique: used at the right time. (timing) Psychological knowledge must become flesh in you. However, avoid artificiallity! The "Tool Box" must be openned only when it is necessary and when it makes sense using it. Do not make the psychotherapy setting a ridiculous or forced ambience.
  • Human qualities: of the therapist, but as well of the client. A person that is not commited to change cannot be taken seriously and a therapist that fails in the realm of human qualities cannot be considered a good professional. H.Q. makes the dynamics of healing go forth.
  • Match: the right therapist for the right cliente. If that's not possible, both client and therapist have to make an effort of adjusting themselves to each other and recreating the psychological relationship.

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